What’ve I Been Doing?

•April 26, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Okay, so, I haven’t exactly been keeping this up to date lately.
And, here are some reasons why!
Firstly, because I’ve been away for a while when me and Amy went to go see Ricky Gervais live (And also Stewart Francis was there he is pretty cool too).
Secondly, because I’ve been doing this!

You Must Fight The Octopus!

It’s kind of just my little MSPaint Adventures Forum Adventure thing, I’ve been enjoying doing it and it seems to have at least some small kind of an audience so far, so, that’s good!

Anyway, just thought I would keep you guys posted.

If anything else cool happens I’ll post on here.  (Cue four month blog hiatus)


Yesterday I Went To Bolton Abbey

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I went to this place okay

It was pretty good and I took some pictures with my mobile phone for you guys to check out because my real camera is broken and my video camera takes bad pictures. I suppose I should’ve just taken my video camera and filmed, but


MSPaint Catastrophe #3

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Today’s update comes in the form of this:
High Fidelity in Middle Earth
I hope you like it! Also, Happy Easter.
PS: The joke is not very good, but it’s in there! Just keep looking!

Don’t Worry Guys That Song Is Coming Soon

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Seriously. Ah, April Fools.


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The bottle got un-corked, and now the evil is free to roam the world:

I think these things are getting better, no?

Googlewatch 2010

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Finally, we’ve managed to defeat the Merriam Webster’s online dictionary in a search for “Slugabeds”! Next target: WIKTIONARY. Your days are numbered! I really think we can make it to number one on this one guys, there is a vast untapped market for people who search “Slugabeds” and are always feeling lucky.

EDIT: And yes, world. We are the only result in a search for 301 Spartmatians.

Guys, the site ain’t dead yet!

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I’ve just been busy! Check out my youtube account for all the latest in video masterpieces I’ve been making, and KNOW THIS:

There’s plenty more on the way! Currently me and Amy are putting together a script for a kind of radio play I’m hoping to animate once it’s done, so, HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS FOR THE NEXT THREE TO FOUR MONTHS!

I intend to keep this site a little more regularly updated but until then, happy mother’s day.